Minggu, 25 Mei 2014

Graduation day at SMAISAKA and day by day before graduate

Hi everyone...
guess what, yesterday on April, 25 2014 I've graduated from SMA ISLAM Kepanjen.(yeaaay)

I was so excited. I really thankful for all teacher that help me study and for all my friend who really care and always with me learning and makes a lot of memorys in that school. I will never forget the memories that I made in smaisaka. A beautiful memories and sadness will always remembered in my mine, all the time.

So many picture that I took in that school, because I like photo. I remember the first day I come to smaisaka, I've just a girl who really wanna learn language and really like Deutsch and English. So antisocial and little bit weird(not little bit, but so much weird actually hahaha). I like listening music using a big headphones because it help me to silent the situation around me and  I like sleeping under the three beside football field, people think that I'm crazy because sleeping everywhere, but I think it's normal, you just can't feel the air beetween the three is really refreshing.

I was so happy to find a precious friend in smaisaka and joined BAHASA class. There have only 20 person in BAHASA Class. So simple and so noisy. Our class is truly cohesive class. We're really have much contra with another class, and we're independent class as always.

I'm so grateful for everything.
And now... I wanna make article about my day in SMAISAKA (yeah... it might be really long article and full of photo.)

Okay, first let me introduce my self, my name is Uswatun Khasanah, I was born on December, 24 1995. Sometimes they called me Uus, Uswat, and Swat. I was checked in SMA Islam Kepanjen on June, 16 2011 and I was included in X-1 class. I found a best friend named Indriyanti Whyuningrum and Cindy Karina Pertiwi there. They're the sweetness friend I've ever meet in this entire world. they always beside me whenever i go, We have couple headphones and couple "binder" it's kind a like note book actually.
that's me, kiki, indri, and firda.
that's cindy, me and shanty

On the next semester I choose to enterd BAHASA Class so I found new best friend too named Della Fahmadia, Husnia Maulidah and also all people in BAHASA Class. I really like learning foreign language because it's truly fun. I like adventure, potograpy and language. and also I like listening music and singing hahaha it's kinda fun for me.

By the way, I joined extracurricular in my high school like Basket club, Journalism club, Tae Kwon Oo club, Music club, and Deutsch club. I've been the leader of Sournalism club named SINSTIKA. I really enjoyed writing some article on school magazine and hunting photography around me. And I've been the leader of deutsch club too, I really wanna come to Germany and starting my adventure in that country someday, and the basketball club that's so fun because I like basketball and all sport except volley.

Okay, now I wanna introduce my best friend in Bahasa class.

1. Husnia Maulidah

She's my desk mate and my close friend. She's so funny and sometimes she's kinda cute. I remember the first time I met her on X-1 class she's so quiet and mousy. I'm not really sure why I really care with her, because sometimes I put down her as my little sister. I've always remember the fun memories that we're riding motorcycle to malang on rainy day. it was fun :)

2. Indriyanti Wahyuningrum

She's my first friend that I've found on X-1. I already know her before I entered SMAISAKA because my friend named shanty introduce me to her. She's so funny and crazy, That's way I like her attitude. She's really like everything about korean she's really crazy about that. I like spend my time in indri's house with eating noodles. I like the way we singing together and eating noodle together in her room.

3. Cindy Karina Pertiwi

She's my friend who really wants to be a superstar. She's so cute and smart. She's my schoolmate in X-I class. I remember that year's ago I'm not really match with her we fight each other but slowly I understand her and become close with her. I like the way we take a picture or selfie and eating tempura in stadion kanjuruhan. She's lived by her own and I like come to her hause with indri. sometimes we spend much time in her hause by taking a photo laike a model. but it's just amatir photo model, it just for fun!

4. Dela Fahmadia

She's beautiful as a model, but she is a model. She's so fun and kind. Della is a crazy girl who really obsessed to be pretty. She spends a lot of money to remark her face and her beauty. Della is a good friends. I like the way she yelling and talking... It's so noisy but it's cute. I like spend much time in Della's house, her mother was so good, she always give us something to eat when we come to della's house. she's not really close with cindy.

5. Firda Ayu Amalia

She's my junior high school friend. for us, she's like a mother. We like spend much time in Firda's house. her family was so kind to us. firda is always be a protagonist person and  she's so smart. that's why she come to IPA class.

Actually there's so many frind that I really wanna write in this blog, but I don't have a time to describe one by one of them. So, imma make it simple. The next thing that I wanna share is photo.
There's a lot of photo in my computer, and I really wanna delete it all becuse it's not importand for me, so I try to share it all for you. I just wanna share a photo that it's have a story. okay, check it out!
this is a "binder" I told you before
this is me while interviev my headmaster in smaisaka that was fun!
this picture is about wall magazine, I'm so proud with this masterpiece because it's inspire the next wall magazine on my school, becuse it's full of photo and the article is not bored. proud of it!
this picture was taken in universitas negeri malang when I follow News Reading Contest
"buka bersama" or dinner on ramadhan month with X1 class
the situation in "salam-salaman" or forgive each other in idul fitri

hey when you read this article, don't forget to comment. I'll read and response your comment.

to be continued...